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Full Wedding just like a Church Wedding but without

all the religious content.

You may still opt for a prayer should you wish or other symbolic act like a

Unity or Family Candle



A 7000 year old Celtic 'tying the knot' 

symbolic ritual.

Can be used in a Civil Ceremony including Same Sex, Commitment or Couples ceremonies 

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Non legally binding but demonstrating your public commitment to one another and you could opt for signing a certificate to mark the occasion


Ceremonies offered

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Naming Ceremonies

Celebrate the naming of your child (any age) and help bring the families closer

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Time Capsule Dedication

A commitment to your loved one or child, a Promise or Wishes Tree and a buried Time Capsule

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Bespoke Ceremony

A bespoke Service Designed around you to meet your needs and requirements

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Other Ceremonies

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Introductory talks around celebrancy and what can be offered from Weddings to Naming to Funerals

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Funerals Ceremonies

Secular and non Secular Ceremonies

N.B. These are not forms of worship. You may, however, wish to invite your vicar or priest to take part at some point during the ceremony.


Handfasting Ceremonies

A 7000 year old Celtic Traditional ceremony also known as 'Tying the knot'